Andrew Loomis – Leg study

Hi! I’m still working my way through the Andrew Loomis book “Drawing for all it’s worth” at the moment. It’s brilliant! I feel like I’ve absorbed so much information over the last week or so. Here are some leg studies i’ve been doodling from page 50 (They’re admittedly a tad crude at the moment)



Art update: 02/01/15 (Gesture Drawings)

It seems slightly silly to have this website here and not update it. I’ve got a couple of animations that i’m working on at the moment, hopefully there’ll be some news on them soon.

exportI should have probably uploaded the sketch on the left yesterday. I decided to play around more with Mischief, it offers a pretty nice environment for sketching and drawing (Compared to the slightly intimidating/bloated Photoshop).

Below is some gesture drawings I spent some time doodling tonight and and attempt at simplifying the construction of Billy (From my animated series Half Full).












Hope you all have a fantastic New Year!


Tom Kerin