Tom Kerin: Voice Actor

I am an experienced professional voice actor, I have provided voice-over work for a variety of different projects for Radio, Podcasts, Audio Books, Animated shorts and Student Films.

Voice Demo

Some of my voice acting projects

If you’d like to collaborate on a project please feel free to send me an email.

What’s a Voice Actor?

Chap who yells words into a microphone whilst emoting.

Why would somebody do that?

Because there are people out there who need vocals recorded for various projects, and because it’s fun.

Who are you?

I’m Tom Kerin,

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File Photo


Half Full Episode 9: Deadly Chimes the Cuckoo Clock

Animated and Written by Tom Kerin

Characters I voiced: Jonas and Molly Hardy


Oddball Origins  (2012)

Animated and written by Anthony “Kreid” Price
Character I voiced: Death Party Head

Oddball: Barrels (2013)

Animated and Written by Anthony “Kreid” Price

Character I voiced: Happy Barrel Owner #1

The Moustache Helmet (2013)

Project created by Anthony “Kreid” Price, Jack Gray and Will Padgett

Character I voiced: The Narrator

Duel Force (2013)

Animated and Written by Ben “Twisted4000” Carswell
Character I voiced: The Grim Reaper

GhostBuds (2014)

Animated and written by Fitzpresident

Character I voiced: Documentary narrator guy